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Looking to purchase a true vintage chemical photobooth? For current stock availability, call our studio at: 312.278.1144 ext.1
A 312photobooth Digital-Retro Photobooth designed and fabricated exclusively by 312photobooth.
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Photobooth Sales

Have you ever dreamed of having your own True-Vintage or Digital-Retro photobooth in your home or business? 312photobooth can make it happen! We refurbish vintage chemical photobooths, and design new vintage style digital booths to meet your specifications. We can even provide regular maintenance. All of our custom digital photobooths are designed and manufactured right here in the USA by 312photobooth. We provide very high quality one of a kind, hand-crafted artisan photobooths, not cheap arcade boxes. Contact us directly to learn more about our sales and service.

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